Reply To: Satanic Thinking Patterns (STPs)

Avatar photoCynthia Reed

    Example of STP- “There are many paths to the ‘divine one’; each individual has an unique way or choice of what or who to follow to connect to the same God”. “You should respect others’ choices and not judge them” John 14:6 and Acts 4: 11,12

    I had a recent observation while sharing in God’s Word with a family member (older individual) who frowned upon hearing of repentance. After more discussion, it was apparent that they believed repentence was a one time thing- and that their life was covered under grace with no need to repent anymore. Futhermore, this thinking pattern also included cessationism. Very enlightening from an unexpected source.

    Not an STP: When communion can be taken, given by whom, and under what conditions. Example- One congregation believes communion can be taken only when fasted (others should obstain), and only given by priest (especially at Easter/Passover). I do not choose to walk in this leadership, and say bless them Father God. Personal note- I was led by Holy Spirit to take communion for 30 days in my early morning prayer time. This was a powerful experience bringing vision, and the last five days. Communion is an important activity as is fasting.