Reply To: Finding it hard to push through class

Avatar photoTim Rugenstein

    “There are many PRMs waiting for you to get to the other side of your Sea of Galilee. They are in need of your help and God has assigned you to help them!” – Thank you, Pastor Mark, especially for those words. I too, over the past year plus, have had struggles staying “on course”, mostly due to some major life changes (death in the family, moving). Getting back into focus has been a challenge. Recently, Father has brought me back to the book of Haggai and some personal letters/journal entries that I wrote in conjunction with the message in this scripture as it relates to when He called me seriously to the path of ministry. I was “reminded” of this a couple of weeks ago as the past couple of months, I have had my own “Haggai” moments about His house lying in ruins while I concentrate on my own. The Holy Spirit put this thought in my head, “you are urgently needed at the front.” Just wanted to share, Pastor Mark, as your words reminded me of this.