Reply To: Compound Sin

Austin Willis

    A young man sleeps with his girlfriend (fornication) and later finds out that she also slept with another young man while they were dating. A few weeks later the emotional pain of the betrayal leads him to seek out sex from anyone who would give him attention. He finds a girl that is willing to engage in sexual intercourse with him and sleeps with her during a “one night stand.” Because protection was not used during the act, the young man fears that he may have gotten the girl pregnant. To protect himself and his “future” he convinces the girl to take a plan B contraceptive pill (murder of the heart). As a result of all of these things he has many ungodly soul ties, he wrestles with a deep shame, and occasionally uses pornography to make himself feel better (adultery of the heart). He gives his life to Jesus, but still struggles with pornography and general lust of the eyes (adultery of the heart). Prayerfully, he will receive deliverance and submit to God even deeper so those sins do not continue to rob him of the abundant life that Jesus died and rose again for him to have.