Reply To: Living Waters | Way of the Master

Austin Willis

    I really enjoyed watching Ray Comfort’s videos during his street evangelism. I have seen some of his videos before, but did not appreciate them like I do now. In the past, I cared a lot about how people perceived me so I watered down the Gospel so as to not offend people. However, over the years I did not see true repentance in those I shared the Gospel with. I realized over time that I was sharing an incomplete Gospel. The Ray Comfort videos reminded me that even before there is good news to be shared it is preceded with bad news (our sinfulness and God’s judgement). As uncomfortable as it might make people feel, it is important to inform people that none of us are “good people,” but there is a good God who sent his Son Jesus to die for our sins. I’ve learned that for the Gospel to have its full effect on our lives, we must truly understand it, live by it and never stray away from it through repentance.