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    Greetings to all in the mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am Cynthia Reed, a 65 years young mother of three grown sons’. I was raised in church by my mother/grandparents, and in bars with my Dad. I was a Girl Scout, 4-H camp attendee, in vacation Bible Schools/programs- growing up in suburban community outside a small college town. I strayed and emancipated at 15 years old. The Lord called me home..with Jesus the boss of my life. I taught Sunday School – middle schoolers for 16 years, and Royal Ranger Leader, and choir member, taught A-beka for 6 years at Christian Growth Center, and ministered to people via Dishnetwork TSRIII to US, Puerto Rico including Alaska, Hawaii without being caught by QA.
    I am a licensed cosmetologist from 1984, licensed nurse(LPN) from 2013(including mental health crisis stabilization facility)and currently work with a ventilator
    dependent patient. I became ordained minister as of June 2022 through Emergence University following two years of study..including working toward publish my story..currently in edit “Reining Flowers from Heaven”. I am chosen, called to deliverance ministry. I am blessed to be here…being fully equipped to set captives free- all to the glory of God! Thank you, Jesus!!! My vision is to step into full-time ministry walking in the footsteps of Jesus 👣 Blessings to all. [email protected] and/or send friend request via messenger.