Reply To: Welcome to Invicta University!

Anita Schaefer

    Hi dear fellow students.
    I am Anita Schaefer, 51 years, living in the Hague(1 hour south of Amsterdam). I am a pharmacy assistant for 31 years. I visit a wonderful spirit filled international church. Since i met Jesus as my Lord and Savior (i grew up as a Jehovah’s witness, from day one i got a lot of good teaching in intercession, healing and deliverance. I have been part of a healing rooms team for a few years, i saw more and more the need of deliverance. Holy Spirit led me to the YouTube channel from Invicta, where i started learning so much by watching sessions with great teaching moments.
    I know that by this school i will grow in knowledge, strategies and authority in the name of Jesus Christ. Looking forward to get to know you and grow together to our full potential in the body of Christ.
    Hope to meet you tomorrow in IULC.