Reply To: Satanic Thinking Patterns (STPs)

Mark Chase

    Hello Cheryl,

    The salvation-settles-it-all syndrome is a common STP!

    Regarding Bible translation: Invicta is certainly not a KJV-only ministry. Personally, I do believe that it is spiritually unhealthy to declare that the KJV is God’s only inspired English language Bible. It might even be an STP to hold to this belief. I do use the KJV frequently as well as the NKJV. However, it is profitable to use a variety of translations during study. A great online source is Click on parallel and it gives the same verse in about 30 translations. I could envision a situation in which a teacher asks his students to all use the same Bible in order for everyone to be on the same page. For example, at the church where I take my family on Sundays, the pastor there preaches from the NKJV. So, we bring a NKJV so we can follow along with his teaching more easily.

    Regarding rules to whom we tithe/give offerings to: We choose where we place our tithe and offerings based on Holy Spirit conviction. It is a very personal matter. The one rule that I see about tithing is that it must be given to a priest (in the New Covenant, this signifies a Christian pastor of some ministry) who then presents the tithe on the altar to God. When I receive tithes at Invicta, I pray something like, “Lord, I present this tithe onto Your altar. Honor the first fruits of your servant. Rebuke the Devourer and open up windows of Heaven…” In other words, we do not tithe to the animal shelter or to the Salvation Army. Spiritual offerings should likewise be given to a priest.

    The devil frequently accuses us who are involved in deliverance that we focus too much attention on the devil. This is a common attack. Bless and forgive those who do it.

    God bless you, Cheryl and thank you for the post! PM