Reply To: Compound Sin

Oscar Snider

    I can confess on myself for this one. In my early 20s I straightened my life up and was on fire for God and being used by Him more and more. I would pray and fast a ton to stay strong since I had never received deliverance. So I went to play an innocent game of cards with my 2 best friend and somehow took a tinny bit of chewing tobacco, (recreational drugs) which gave me a buzz since I hadn’t had any in a long time. This buzz led to drinking a beer, which led to more beers and getting drunk. Which led me to a bar, then a strip club, and to the casino with stripers. Then we gambled, had sex, and went to a bar where I got into a fight with about 10 guys and beat up badly for running my mouth. There probably was more sins in there but its been a long time and I wasn’t in my right mind obviously. I received a fracture to my lower eye socket that was so bad no surgeon would touch it. Thank the Lord that the day before I was to go see a specialist in Galveston they prayed for me in church and I was healed. My eye would only look straight down but it popped back in place after prayer. This is a big reason why deliverance is so important, I had been clean for the better part of a year. Praying for people and they were being healed and even preaching for my father when he was too weak and even having a young adult group that I led that was having huge growth. But it wasn’t until I started going through deliverance sessions that I realized the temptations were much more than just weak flesh.