Reply To: Living Waters | Way of the Master

Mark Chase

    Hello Oscar,

    Just last night at our public deliverance service, I surveyed the attendees with, “Raise your hand if you consider yourself to be a good person.” As usual about 5 out 25 people raised their hands. After going through Scripture (Romans 3:10, etc.) and God’s Absolute Moral Law, everyone was relieved to be able to declare that they were NOT good people as they thought they were.

    The reason why this exercise is so important in the ministry of deliverance relates to the topic of legal right for demons. When people think and say that they are a good person, they are sinning. This sin is the sin of self-righteousness and also that of blasphemy. DEMONS can hold onto these sins. That is why it is important to do Ray Comfort-style ministry during our Deliverance Counseling. When people realize they are not good, but instead evil (Luke 11:13), they can repent of their self-righteousness and blasphemy. And when they repent (the foundation of the IU paradigm), demons lose their grip on these people and it is easier to cast them out!

    I don’t believe that Ray Comfort believes that Christians can have demons. However, his ministry is anointed and we need to pay attention to it. God gave Ray Comfort his ministry through a dream. Ray saw a message from God in four-foot-tall flaming letters: SHOW MY PEOPLE THEIR TRANSGRESSIONS. And that became his ministry–to show people why they needed a Savior!

    God bless you and your ministry, Oscar! PM