Reply To: Repentance Is the Foundation

Kathy Oquinn

    I’d like to share a testimony of the power of true repentance. When my father in law died in 2009 we inherited his house. As soon as we moved in our lives were turned upside down. Depression, addiction, self hate, suicidal thoughts and fear dominated my family. My kids were terrified of the back of our house and felt like they were being watched. They started seeing things at night and wouldn’t sleep in their rooms.The Holy Spirit started to teach me about deliverance and showing me all the areas were my family, including myself, needed deliverance. One day while cleaning I came across a Masonic lodge book. I asked my husband where the book came from and he told me that his grandfather was a master mason of and his grandmother was in eastern star. At that time I knew nothing about freemasonry but could tell the book was evil. My husband agreed and said he would get rid of it. I assumed he threw the book away. I spent the weekend educating myself about freemasonry and the curses that pass through the bloodline. The next morning as soon as my husband left to run some errands I heard Holy Spirit say, “get rid of that book” I said, “we threw that book out last week” and Holy Spirit said, “ look!” I looked up and saw the book on my husbands dresser. I grabbed the book and ran outside to burn it. As soon as I started ripping the pages out, a white owl swooped down right over my head and landed in a nearby tree. I knew this was a demonic attack. When I tried to lite the pages another owl swooped down over my head. I looked up in the tree and two white owls were watching me. I grabbed the lighter fluid and tossed it on the book and the owls started screaming. Not hooting….screaming. My husband pulled up and heard the owls screaming. I told him what happened and he repented for keeping the book. We pulled up a Freemason renunciation prayer online. As soon as we started reading, a demon manifested and my husband started laughing uncontrollably. Then my husband said he had a confession to make. He went into our bedroom and came back with a lot of eastern star and Masonic jewelry. He said every time he tried to get rid of the jewelry a voice would say,” hide it so she can’t find it.” I told my husband that this was giving that demon a legal right to stay so he went a threw all of it in the creek. Then we started to say the prayers again and the demon manifested and started laughing again. I asked the demon , “do you have legal rights?” The demon stopped laughing and said ,”not anymore” I said , “then go ITNOJ!” And it left him! Thank you Jesus! Then my husband walked to the back of our house and commanded every demon tormenting our kids to get out in Jesus name and we heard footsteps running in our attic and could feel the presence lift.. Thank you Jesus! True repentance is deliverance.