Reply To: Satanic Thinking Patterns (STPs)

Mia Samuels-Rambo

    Satanic Thinking Pattern

    1. I believe a lot of cultural beliefs are satanic thinking patterns. We grow up with these beliefs and hold on to them because it’s what we learned from our parents. Now as an adult I don’t want to hear about the Bible was written for controlling or justifying slavery. I can’t believe that this perfect plan of redemption was created by a group of people who came up with this scheme to keep another group of people in slavery and poverty. That just not true. The same holds true for a particular group of people who grew up in a culture that gave them privilege. Giving them the beliefs that they are superior to all other races. STP
    2. It’s a STP to think that we have the right to abort babies just because it’s my body I should be able to do what I want to with it. Which is true. I can do what I want to this body, with this body, it’s mine. But the abortions law is a right to kill. Simple murder. Accountability is gone in our world today. Nobody wants to be responsible for their actions anymore.
    3. I struggle with my own STPs. Things that were instilled in me as a child. Stupid things now that I think about it… Like don’t put my purse on the floor because that means I will stay broke. Funny thing is, it doesn’t matter where I put my purse, I’m still broke. I tried keeping it off the floor, just to see if there would be a difference… Nope! Still broke.
    4. I see a lot of STP’s with the younger generation. The things that are being pushed upon them through our entertainment industry and the education system it’s on all fronts nowadays. I Pray for the love of God to reach their hearts and give them a spirit of repentance. One day we all will be able to have that peace and freedom that comes with healing and deliverance.