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Mark Chase

    Hello Esther, I am grateful that you have brought “Splankna” to my attention. After viewing their website I am very uncomfortable with this practice. On their landing page:

    Splankna work utilizes tools from the field of “energy psychology.” Energy psychology uses the acupuncture system in the body to relieve trauma emotions at the frequency level.

    Acupuncture utilizes occult knowledge (the human energy meridians) which is a clear violation of Deuteronomy 29:29. We do not deal with “energies,” we deal with spirits. This is taught robustly in the curriculum of IU. We do not accept acupuncture or any other practice that proposes to manipulate human energy systems.

    On another page, regarding the occult practice of reiki, they said that reiki can be practiced as a Christian if certain things are changed. That is like saying that we can practice yoga if we just change some things.

    In my spirit, I sense that Splankna is New Age being framed in some Christian terminology (Jesus, Holy Spirit, the Lord, etc.). I don’t hear a mention of deliverance. I did see the word “repentance” once; however, I feel that they pepper their writing with some Christian terms in order to make Christians comfortable and let their guard down. The same thing happens when astrologers use “angel cards” instead of traditional tarot cards. Christians can be duped into thinking that angel card readings are acceptable because the cards have “Biblical” images on them.

    Remember, we always look for the fruit. I don’t see the fruit of salvation, regeneration, walking in Holiness, etc. on the Splankna site. I don’t see the Great Commission being preached. I don’t see the call to forsake sin.

    My conclusion: Splankna is veiled New Age (witchcraft).

    God bless you, PM