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Esther Lott

    My husband and I recently spoke to a woman who told us she has already been through deliverance, although she believes it wouldn’t hurt to go through again with her husband. After the conversation, she sent my husband and I a text with information on her previous deliverance. While she told us it was very helpful, it is not the deliverance we see in the Bible. It is called Splakna, and from what we researched, it is based on New Age medicinal techniques that credit the God of the Bible instead of Mother Nature with the healing power. It includes acupuncture and deals with ‘energies’ to heal emotions. We can’t find any biblical basis for any of it’s major tenants. Does anyone else have experience, and since it’s marketed as ‘Christian’ and we are talking to a person who really loves Jesus, how should we proceed? Does Splankna open doors for more demons or is it more like modern medicine?
    Thank you anyone who has prior experience with this!