Reply To: Repentance Is the Foundation

Oscar Snider

    I have learned many things when it comes to repentance during, this journey the Lord has me on. One thing is that even the churches that preach sin and repentance don’t fully understand all sin, and not just the deeper ones we learn like DPC’s. I am a PK and have went to a full gospel church my whole life and have learned more about sin in this school and through deliverance encounters than I did in church. I also always watched people seek being field with the Holy Spirit with all they had with many times never receiving it. I wondered why God would hold something so great and needed back from a person. God showed me clearly when He started using me in deliverance. The main reason is the lack of repentance, and also deliverance was needed. They both go together but every time I prayed for a person after repentance and deliverance they received even when they really didn’t fully understand what they were getting. It all was so clear now, most people that I knew that were filled with the Holy Spirit received it at a young age, like me at 9 before a great deal of repentance was needed. The body of Christ has to get to teaching on true repentance and cover all sin. Just what is on TV today and on the radio needs to be addressed in the church, you can’t even watch many of the commercials these days without having to turn your head or change the channel.