Reply To: Repentance Verses

Mia Samuels-Rambo

    Hello, It has now become one of my favorite scriptures. As a new Christian I remember asking my Mom if a corrupt mind could corrupt a man’s heart. My mother said to me: On the contrary it is the other way around. I was astonished at hearing this so I went to the Bible to search for scripture confirming this.
    Jeremiah 17:9 was my confirmation. Now when I hear people say “well God knows my heart”, I think oh yeah he does but do you? Since I have been in this class I realize the meaning behind many scriptures. Like the scripture Roman’s 3:23. I read it a million times but never totally understood it until now. I use to believe that man could live in this world without sinning. Breaking one law is like breaking them all. If I believe that I have not sinned that is a sin in itself. Ecclesiastes 7:20;leading me to Isaiah 64:6.
    Thank God that he doesn’t treat us like we deserve.