Reply To: Welcome to Invicta University!

Chelsea Chang

    Hi Invicta People!!I want to share a testimony with you!

    My mother and I have started doing private sessions out of my home. A couple of months ago we did a session with a lady who has been a christian for a long time. She has done missions with the church, she would preach, do alter care, etc. But she secretly battled with alcohol while still seeking the Lord and being actively involved in ministry. She would only deny the urges to drink until one day she decided to give up and give in to it completely. She turned away, quit seeking and she left the church completely until recently. My mom had been speaking with her about her struggles and revealed to the PRM that she needed inner healing and deliverance from demons. She agreed and wanted to be free!

    She was so bound by alcohol physically that she had to drink before she came to our session. She promised her children that she wouldn’t buy anymore liquor.. so instead she would drink hand sanitizer’s to keep herself from lying to her family. When we started the session demons began to manifest as I lead her through renouncing self-hatred. A demon who went by the name of, “the son of Baal” spoke out of her and revealed that He was in charge. We sat through inner healing a deliverance with her for 3 hours. She had busted blood vessels all over her face from the violent expulsion of demons that took place.

    She was also facing losing her nursing license because of her addiction. The boards had notified her of the possibility and scheduled for her to be drug tested immediately. Miraculously they scheduled her test further out than expected. This allowed her that time to remain sober.

    After years of active alcoholism- She is now FREE. She has been sober for almost 2 months now and her nursing license is in tact! THANK YOU JESUS!! I love this ministry of setting the captives FREE!!!!