Reply To: Alters

Mark Chase

    Hello Joanna,

    Thank you for posting. First of all, let’s use the term dissociated part of the core (DPC) instead of alter. Alter personalities (major dissociation) is extremely rare–about 1-2% of cases involve major dissociation. Therefore, we should not use the term “alter” loosely to refer to any and all DPCs.

    The Invicta-Trained DM is careful to differentiate between alters (major dissociated parts) and other parts (the much more common minor dissociation).

    Next, think back to L1S17L1. You learned about RSD as well as negotiation with the part.

    In Level 2 of IU, you will learn specifically how we minister to the DPCs–even the reluctant ones!

    Please go back and review L1S17L1 for now.

    God bless you! PM