Reply To: Satanic Thinking Patterns (STPs)

Amanda Allen

    Pastor Mark,
    What about personal responsibility?
    I deal with this a lot. Men particularly, but not exclusively telling me how I should dress or should present myself. Common remarks include:
    You’d be prettier/I’d feel more comfortable if you smiled more.
    You know, you shouldn’t leave the house incomplete? WhenI asked what was meant…
    Make-up, honey! It makes the package look more desirable. When I say I don’t wear it anymore due to personal preference,
    It isn’t about your preferences, don’t you want a husband?
    Maybe you could wear something more feminine…which leads to my answer, while I could construct a Church in an evening gown, and process my game in my Sunday best, but that isn’t exactly practical, is it? Gets met immediately with telling me that I need more feminine hobbies. So, when men and women in my church tell me I don’t do enough to make myself desirable, that the problem is that I don’t inspire a man to fantasize about bedding me makes me a bad Christian woman. If dressing that way also makes me a bad Christian then what can I do as a woman other than retain my faith and love of Christ, but for the sake of men, do so in isolation so I don’t make a man stumble for being attractive, or ad I have come to know, not doing the things to be attractive enough?