Reply To: Compound Sin

Amanda Allen

    Using my own bloodline I think I can clearly illustrate compound sin within the confines of an individual.

    A girl is raped by the local priest, as a result she falls pregnant. Her father not believing her when she confesses who fathered her pregnancy, strips her, beats her, and throws her out into the street. Calling after her that both she and her bastard baby would never be, “a good man’s wife”.
    Now nude and homeless she makes a proposition to a married man, a sexual act for one of his wife’s dresses and enough money to see the village cut wife.(Title used in the 1800’s for a woman known for ending unwanted pregnancy) The man agrees, the act performed, and the girl paid.
    The girl goes to the cut wife, who tells her she is pregnant with twins(Paternal). When the girl asks how this woman could know, the woman confesses that she practices witchcraft. The woman tells the girl that she can have the same power if she only carries her pregnancy to birth, offering her son’s life in blood and her daughter’s life in service. If she agreed, she would be sheltered, fed, cared for and taught. The girl agrees and 8 months later she gives birth, first to a son, then a daughter. The cutwife hands the woman a knife, and her son. Without hesitation she digs the blade into the infants neck, and opens the flesh from o e side to the other. Her hands covered in the blood of her infant son, she anoints her daughter, calling Lucifer the father of this infant as she smears the blood of it’s sibling over it’s face.

    This was the first member of my family to become a Theistic Luceferian, the how and why. Does this meet the IU paradigm for compound sin?