Reply To: Living Waters | Way of the Master

Bradley Evans

    I really loved watching the Ray Comfort videos. Thank you so much for introducing us to his ministry. He was quite effective in using God’s Absolute Moral Law to bring conviction as it relates to evangelism and I could feel the Holy Spirit backing his words. It also gave me a few new keys for evangelism. I watched several videos of people whose parents were Christian but they did not walk in the faith and that evangelism using God’s absolute moral law brought them into true repentance (as evidenced by Godly sorrow)

    As it relates to PRMs, I will definitely be using God’s absolute moral law to help bring forth repentance. It is very effective as it relates to those who have grown up as Christian who may feel like they have not committed many sins (of the hands) and revealing the sins of the heart, shines the light on areas where there may be unrepentance. I have not used this much in deliverance ministry in the past but I definitely will be doing this going forward!