Reply To: Repentance Is the Foundation

Andre Tendeiro

    It was in a sad moment of my life that I was born again specifically after a relationship break up, I remember the days that I first experience Godly repentance, I felt some kind of freedom when I cried out and realized how sinful my life was, and even more when I read the Invicta interpretation about the God’s Absolute Moral Law

    It was freedom to have knowledge of how good it is to feel ashamed and sorrow for things that in the past were normal to me but then I could see the evil and how I those things were bad in view of our Lord.

    I wish that daily I could feel the same godly sorrow as I felt in those times because as I remember it was a deep connection to the Holy Spirit.

    Repentance is the Foundation truly, it sets you free, I ask for forgiveness and mercy in almost all my prayers with conscious of my daily sinful acts, and whenever I preach the gospel or in any deliverance or healing situation that God brings me it will be my frontline.

    Thank you Lord for teaching and not giving up on us