Reply To: Satanic Thinking Patterns (STPs)

Avatar photoApril Patrick Rabiu

    STP disguised as Christianity — There are intermediaries other than Christ that you should listen to as a primary source, pray to or through and or follow; Ellen G. White, The Watch Tower Society, The Virgin Mary, the Prophet Mohammed, and so on and so forth. Anyone that stands between your relationship with Christ or becomes the primary source of your understanding of the word outside of what God says according to Christ and the Bible.

    This also includes vegan diets in order to please God, lack of celebrations, suppressed worship, false modesty, not pursuing any education, a lack of Baptism and a host of other ideas that aren’t biblically founded including the additional books of the Bible by false prophets.

    I was raised moving from one religion to another and was exposed to many of these ideas and it never made biblical sense even at a very young age.